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How to dress stylishly at the Christmas party?

Hotpinkwear Official 2022-11-30
Christmas in 2022 is coming soon, and the Christmas party that everyone is looking forward to is definitely indispensable.

Christmas in 2022 is coming soon, and the Christmas party that everyone is looking forward to is definitely indispensable. Of course, we must dress well for the festival to celebrate the joy of the festival, but as fashion girls, we must keep up with the trend and dress up on Christmas fashionably, attracting everyone's attention. First of all, let us take stock of what people in the fashion circle wear at Christmas.

1. Red items with a super strong festive atmosphere

Victoria's Secret supermodel Josephine Skriver put on a red tube top and sequined dress to show off her good figure when the festival came and matched it with a Santa Claus hat, which was sexy and playful~

Sara Sampaio, who is also Victoria's Secret model, is holding a cute dog, and wearing a stitching plaid shirt, which matches the background of the Christmas tree full of bells, and looks super festive!

Model Hailey Bieber, her outfits have always been on the horizontal line. She was wearing a red leather dress and a black leather jacket. The combination of a sexy red dress with a festive atmosphere and a cool black leather jacket is definitely a classic Christmas outfit that can be used for reference.


Recommended Item: 

Christmas Off-Shoulder Fur 2 Pieces Set


Recommended reason: Inspired by Santa Claus costumes, this two-piece set is mainly made of red velvet fabrics. The head of the top and the bottom of the skirt are embellished with white fluff. It is sexy and cute. The classic red and white color scheme fills up the Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas Plaid Print Bowknot Mesh Midi Dress


Recommended reason: If you don't want to spend too much time thinking about what to wear to a Christmas party, this red dress is definitely for you. This dress adopts a stitching design, the upper part is a classic red plaid pattern, and the lower part is made of mesh material. The multi-layered design makes it look more fashionable. Who doesn't like simple yet stylish Christmas items?

LOOK 3:Christmas Leather Mini Dresses

Recommended reason: If you like to be the queen of the party, then you will definitely not say no to this dress. The fiery red color scheme, cool leather texture, waist strap design, and sexy waist hollow visual sense. These elements are enough to make you the focus of the party.

2. Party essential - sequin skirt

Eva Chen's gorgeous V-neck sequin dress with ribbons shows off her waist, which is full of femininity, and the design of bell sleeves is more charming.

If you have seen Linda Tol's ins, you will know how much she loves colorless. Even at festivals, she will choose low-purity dark sequin skirts to show her style, which is low-key and calm.

Recommended Item:

LOOK 4: Sequined Halter Neck Tight-Fitting Mini Dress

Recommended reason: Definitely a 10/10 for wearing this dark green sequin dress to a Christmas party. The super sparkling diamonds are all over the whole dress, and your slight movement will make you shine; the bikini design on the chest of the dress makes it look sexier. The combination of luxury and relaxation is what makes this dress unique.


LOOK 5: Pink Strapless Feather Sequin Party Mini Dress

Recommended reason: This dress combines the most popular elements of the past two years, feathers and sequins. The dress uses a lot of pink feathers, which is not only playful and cute but also has an elegant feeling; the dress uses silver sequins in a large area as if focusing all the spotlights on the body, full of a party atmosphere. In the red and green of the Christmas party, it is undoubtedly the most shining.

3. The representative of elegance and generosity ---- velvet

In fact, you don’t have to cosplay to feel the Christmas atmosphere! Some material styles that are similar to festivals are fashionable and can also have a festive atmosphere. The first recommendation must be velvet! Whenever there are various parties at major festivals, the position of velvet is very important.

The material of velvet is a little solemn, and it is rare to think of wearing it on daily occasions. Its slight metallic luster looks generous and elegant, and it is indeed the best choice for parties!

Recommended Item:

LOOK 6: Christmas Velvet Shiny Mini Dress

Recommended reason: The green color of the Christmas tree and the texture of the velvet are very retro. The dress has fine glitter, which makes the whole dress look shiny, and the effect of light and dark is amazing.

LOOK 7: Velvet Sleeveless Split Midi Dress

Recommended reason: If you're tired of always wearing red and green to Christmas parties, try this pink midi dress. Although the whole skirt is only in one color of pink, the various fashionable designs make it look not monotonous. The velvet design is embellished with pink feathers on both shoulders, and the side is designed with high slits. The whole looks elegant and gentle, and it is a different kind of style for a Christmas party.

The Christmas party season is coming, let’s dress up beautifully and surprise the audience~ also reward yourself who has worked hard for a year, and start a good start for yourself next year! ! If you want to unlock more Christmas styles, please subscribe to our website and follow our social media account @Hotpinkwear, we will update exciting content every week.

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